The Circle of the Sacred Well

An Eclectic Neopagan Circle

Newtown Shooting Vigil

  Who We Are

We are an eclectic neopagan group located in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  We seek to build community amongst area pagans and others of like mind by holding open Full Moon Circles, along with sponsoring a monthly Study Group and hosting various other workshops and events. 

Our Mission

To work within Nature for that which is contributory to the health and well being of ourselves, our Circle, and the wider community.

Our Vision

To create and maintain a caring spiritual community which provides a safe, mutually supportive, environment that is conducive to nurturing spiritual growth.  To provide service to and within the wider community.

Our Tradition

We recognize the Creative Power in the universe and view it as present both in the natural world and within ourselves.  The Creative Power is viewed as polar in nature, manifesting as both masculine and feminine.  We value neither above the other, but view both as essential to the dynamic nature of the universe.  Our members follow a variety of earth-centered religious paths, all of which empower them and, through them, bring power to this Circle.




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